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Energy Saving Can Be Stylish

The LV series combines brilliant design and intuitive engineering to deliver unprecedented performance. It is a distinct statement in any workspace.

It is integrated with ultra-thin semi-transparent vertical optics, enveloped in a signature sloping silhouette where the frame meets the optics, precisely controlled optimal direct indirect distributions

Precisely controlled optimal direct indirect distributions at a split of light between the direct surfaces below and the ambient area horizontal the fixture.


Visual Comfort

We strive to challenge the highest visual comfort standard by offering multiple professional lenses..

Diffuser: Elevate your project with low glare rating possible.

Louver: Precise distribution can better decor your space without any concerns.



When suspended, the LV Series can provide smooth direct or indirect distribution, allowing for wider spacing between fixtures and better ceiling light uniformity.

The magic of CCT adjustable

Most of our customers have been struggling with inventory control, thanks to the CCT adjustable technology, you can now fulfill more orders with fewer SKUs!

Let you choose up to different 8 color temperatures

Dual Circuits output, adjust CCT with 0-10V dimming system


UGR<19 / CRI 90+ Options

The LV series delivers class-leading colour quality with a CRI of 90 and URG less than 19 that is unmatched in this type of technology.