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Products Description

LED Emergency Driver - GEN3 Low Voltage

The led emergency drivers from OKT allow LED fixtures to be used as emergency lighting units. They are available in 8w, 25w models for MIN 90 minutes in emergency mode and are UL Listed. The emergency led driver range to cover a variety of LED fixtures with external driver. It's used for both normal and emergency operation, switches to the emergency mode after blackout which including a battery, charger and converter circuit in a single can.


1. It works with LED fixtures for which wiring is accessible to LED module.

2. Power of LED fixture (Max 300W) ≥Power of emergency driver.

Product Advatages

Emergency Operation: ≥90 Minutes

Operating Temp: 0℃ to 50℃

Battery: long-life recyclable Lithium battery

Mounting Configuration: Dual flex

Accessory: Rectangle test switch and charge indicator

Application: Applicable to LED luminaires with external driver


UL and CEC Listed, field-installable

Various mounting configuration available

Initial and monthly self-test function

Simplified wiring

4" octagon indicator option available

Damp locations rated

5 years limited warranty

LED emergency drivers.jpg

EM-L0854-LBF (Pack)

Output Power: 8 watts

Output Voltage: 15-54V DC

Input Current: 70mA (Max)

Input Power: 3.2 Watts (Max)

Recharge: 24 Hrs

Luminaire Load Power: 100W(Max)

L10.64" x W1.98" x H1.32"

led emergency driver for LED luminaire.jpg

EM-L2554-LBF (Pack)

Output Power: 25 watts

Output Voltage: 18-54V DC

Input Current: 110mA (Max)

Input Power: 6 Watts (Max)

Recharge: 36 Hrs

Luminaire Load Power: 300W(Max)

L15.40" x W2.13" x H1.57"


EM-S0854-LBN (Split)

Output Power: 8 watts

Output Voltage: 15-54V DC

Input Current: 70mA (Max)

Input Power: 3.2 Watts (Max)

Recharge: 24 Hrs

Luminaire Load Power: 100W(Max)

Driver:  L5.08"×W2.05"×H0.99"

Battery: L3.47"×W2.33"×H0.97"