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Sconce Wing - Shining New Light

OKT's Sconce Wing brings a new dimension to architectural wall lighting. It provides low-level lighting when daytime transitions to evening. Additionally, It can be wall or surface mounted and adds a layer of light on the walls that feels less institutional, to soften facility ambiance and enable interior design cohesiveness. This innovative design brings both performance and aesthetics to anyapplications.

Ultra-thin transparent optics

12", 18" and 24" length options, 48" for suspended

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Sconce Wing enveloped in a sloping silhouette where the frame meets the optics, precisely controlled optimal direct indirect distributions. The unique design is nearly transparent luminaire when off and excellent uniformity, precise, textural and comfortable lighting when on. It can mount the luminaire on walls without any wall mount bracket to enhance architectural styling..

90+CRI, challenge the highest visual comfor

Wattage selectable from 100%,75%,50%

Tunable white from 3000K,3500K,4000K

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Gives new meaning to lighting aesthetic

Combining superior esthetics, quality performance, and flexible mounting, Sconce Wing offers new opportunities to capture the beauty and benefits of architectural linear lighting.The sleek profile is designed to blend into clean, minimalist architectural spaces!

Available in 12", 18", 24" and 48" length options


Suspended (48" length Only),support to continuous runs

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