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Suspending Up/down Linear

This linear's sturdy construction is paired with the ability to deliver light that provides both quality illumination and energy-efficient performance. Architectural led linear lighting bring clean lines and clear light to commercial interiors. Our aesthetic and stylish linear lighting fixture offer highly effective and efficient lighting solutions for hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants etc.

Available in 4' and  8’

UL Recognized constant current driver which support 0-10V dimming

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Up/Down Distribution

The unique design is nearly transparent luminaire when off and excellent uniformity and efficiency when on, provides efficient functional direct and ambient indirect lighting distribution, making the illusion of the light floating in mid-air..

55% down and 45% up lighting distribution

up down led linear fixtures-1.jpg

CCT Select - puts flexibility at your fingertips

Incorporating top quality lighting components, it is truly a modern luminaire that provides flexibility in how a space is illuminated, featuring independently-selectable color temperatures by using Dip switches, you can choose several color temperatures, creating your optimal lighting experience.

Replaceable Internal Driver, Easy To Maintain

All drivers are built-in, and can be replaced easily, which is more convenient to fix and maintain..

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Create Linear Lighting Atmosphere

It’s highly engineered luminaire joining design allows for simple and intuitive assembly in the field without tools. Its junction plate ensures that luminaire rows snap into a laser straight line.

Seamless continuous runs

Only One Power feed multiple fixtures, can be continuous runs up to 80' together

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