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Surface Slim Linear

The LS serie is a high performance luminaire, featuring top-end performance paired with a modern aesthetic, the true ingenuity comes from its unique construction. It will be your go-to-choice for offices, schools, hospital, corridor light industrial spaces or anywhere stylish lines of light are desired.

Extruded aluminum frame -Providing superior thermal management to ensure long life

PMMA light guide -Quality Assurance

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Elegant Design

The bold, elegant design of the LS series is aesthetically pleasing to any space, featuring simple yet powerful line. This linear’s sturdy construction is paired with the ability to deliver light that provides both quality illumination and energy-efficient performance.

Elegant - Ultra thin profile (Only 0.94" thickness)

Integrate with surface mounted and recessed with built-in driver.

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CCT and Wattage Select - Configure 36 Options With Only 4 SKUs

Put flexibility at your fingertips. By using Dip switches located on the back, you can choose from three color temperatures 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, or three wattage levels,creating your optimal lighting experience.

Application flexibility - Surface / Recessed optimized for use in many spaces

It can be surface mounted (ultra-thin) or recessed and strategically placed throughout the space to create pleasing illumination in rows or individual placement, providing the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the space or environment. .

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Simplified Installation

Easy and quick installation, especially for surface mounted which only 5 simple steps to complete the whole process within 10 minutes .

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