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We understand recessed lighting, our approach to modern lighting products has always been different from other traditional manufacturers; we believe the recessed luminaire shall bring elegant atmosphere and ultimate flexibility together..

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Full Range To Meet Your Needs

The revolutionary LR series features popular 4”, 6” width and length up to 8’, it provides powerful lines in any applications to enhance architectural styling or add a unique flair to the interior design of a space.

Available in 2’,4' and 8'

Narrow frame-providing uniform and broad illumination

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CCT Select - Put flexibility at your fingertips

By using Dip switches located on the back, you can choose from three color temperatures 3000K, 3500K and 4000K,creating your optimal lighting experience. you can now fulfill more orders with fewer SKUs!

Installer-friendly, Works with most ceiling type

It will be your go-to-choice for offices, schools, hospital, corridor light industrial spaces or anywhere stylish lines of light are desired..

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