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Zeta Slim Profile Linear

Zeta series is a unique linear series that brings any space to the center stage. These timeless, streamlined forms blend well with contemporary decors and modern workplaces. These linear luminaries simply provide wide, powerful lighting to any atmosphere.

Available in 2’,4’ and up to 8’

Providing smooth uplight and downlight, allowing for better ceiling light uniformity

Concept:The LED luminaire market has become more competitive, we see many similar products, that only focus on price. We designed a lighting product that achieves innovation, versatility and affordability together, and it was named after the Greek letter Zeta; the shape of the letter Z resembles lightning.

linear led lighting fixture.jpg

Visual Comfort

Zeta offers a selection of professional lenses such as diffuser, louver, micro reflector and convex; each of these lenses challenges the critical glare rating and elevate our entire architectural product line to a higher standard. These precise distributions can better decorate the space without any concern.

Diffuser: 100° beam angle. It is allowing the light to custom the diffuser lengths, up to 42'.

Louver:  60° beam angle. Straight blade louver, allows the light to diffuse for a direct and indirect lighting combination.

Micro reflector: 48° beam angle. Exclusive low glare modular optics, UGR less than 15 (Black)

Convex: 110° beam angle. Unique design with acrylic lens

linear led lighting.jpg


When suspended, the Zeta Series can provide smooth direct or indirect lighting distribution, allowing for wider spacing between fixtures and better ceiling light uniformity.

Application Flexibility

Unleash lighting design flexibility with Zeta with different shapes and patterns, it adds fun factor into each room. These creations will let you suggest rhythm, communicate meaning and showcase element of life.

Available in “一”joiner, “十”joiner, “T”joiner, “L” joiner, “Y” joiner, “V” joiner.

T-grid Or Dry Ceiling Compatible


Simple And Clean Performance

Built on the core of its modern, practical design philosophy, the Zeta Series allows easy access to critical components to simplify installation or in the event that repair or replacement becomes necessary.

Each Power Feed: connections up to 40ft in 120VAC while connections up to 100ft in 277VAC

42' Continuous Roll-out lens available: Create clean, seamless runs that are quicker to install with this quality press-in acrylic lens that will not crinkle or bow.

office linear lighting.jpg