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Experience and Reliability- Wide Application, High Appreciated

When trouble strikes, people don't want to think about lighting technology— they just want to see well enough to get to safety. That's why OKT's engineering team has developed emergency led drivers to handle any emergency lighting situation since 2013, now our current version including:

Pack-Low Voltage (EM-L Series)

Pack-High Voltage (EM-H Series)

Split-Low Voltage (EM-S Series)

From the first generation led emergency driver with UL component recognized since 2014, to UL listed led emergency drivers in 2017, these solutions earn great response and reputation especially from USA and Canada.

led emergency driver

Slim and More Powerful

LED emergency driver is UL Listed for factory or field installation, unrivaled emergency solutions for most LED products.

Work for most LED products

Available in 8w and 25w with UL and CEC listed

Available in 4 different mounting configurations to accommodate various performance requirement and fixtures types

Lithium-ion battery has a much higher density than traditional technology, so we made it more efficient this year

emergency driver-3.jpg

Indicator Reached LELV Rated Output

Suitable for wet location and applied to outdoor application

More Secure - Self-test Function

It will perform a functional test after the driver installed to ensure its proper operation and check the wiring and battery output when work. The indicator LED will be off or flicker in case of a failure or an error.

Initial test - Self-Test After Installation

Second test - Self-Test in 120 minutes after installation

Monthly test - Automatically perform monthly self-test

emergency driver-4.jpg

Simplified Wiring

Integrated Test Switch And Charge Indicator

emergency driver-5.jpg