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Concept of T-Grid Linear(US Patent)

Under a suspended ceiling construction, imagine a simple grid lighting system can save labor cost and reduce the building waste, but also show the characteristics of your commercial space. Let the ceiling tile shine with integrated lighting, we made it easy for you to specify and maintain the crisp. TB series is compatible with known industry’s standard size ceiling tiles, whether it’s 9/16”or 15/16”.

Slim Profile:0.48" thickness, almost integrated to T-grid ceiling

Multiple Dimensions 2’,4’ and 8’ with versatile compatibility to various T-grids,including 9/16” flat, 9/16” slot, 9/16” interlude, 15/16” flat…

Up to 650 lm/ft, enlarging the lumen spread over the entire space

IC Rated:It has additional insulation materials either by code or design requirement for installation in suspended ceilings.

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The TB series is certain to meet the most stringent of application requirements. This innovative produce design brings both performance and aesthetics to any design applications.

Precise Optics: Available in 4 professional distributions

Innovative separable design of led module and T-grid bracket makes it more flexible. One T-grid bracket allows for seamless integration of multiple led modules with different CCT or types with easy and tool-free installation.

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One luminaire, Endless possibilities…

T-Grid LED can be installed in many configurations by replacing any of the cross tees between the main runners of the suspended grid ceiling system assembly, providing a flexible general lighting solution for commercial and institutional environments such as offices, classrooms, retail and public space. Custom pattern such as L , T , + , 口 etc. .

Easy installation and safe wiring

T-Grid LED linear light can be parallel connected up to 6ft (2’fixture) and 12ft (4’fixture) max per power supply. Max distance from fixtures to power supply is 8 feet with 24 AWG wire.

Parallelly connected 3PCS lights per driver by remote drivers.

24V DC option available

Plenum rated cable option available

CCEA or emergency option availabe

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Seamless Continuous Runs

It is a lighting solution that can be replaced with 9/16",15/16" removable cross tee of the grid ceiling, allowing our linear light to be seamlessly integrated into the suspended ceiling.

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