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COPA 3" LED Commercial Downlights

Thanks to a unique low profile and small aperture design, it provides you with high quality, cost effective LED lighting in practically any space. Plus, simplifies installation and maintenance and blends into any aesthetic. It’s performance and value all in one compact package,it includes:

LED Engine: 10W and18W with CRI 80+ or 90+,powered by bridgelux high efficiency COB LED chip

Lens: Available in 24° and 60° beam angles.Classic reflector-like design provides high lighting transmittance

Trims: Round, Square, Adjustable Round, Adjustable Square Options

LED Drivers: high efficiency 100-277V LED driver, with a standard 0-10V driver which continuous dims to 10%. Or optional 120VAC driver with Triac dimming is available

It is all in the twist,making your job easy.Its broad compatibility simplifies the specification process making installing or replacing the light and trim fast and tool-free. With industry-leading performance, it can provide a solution for any project - commercial, corporate and residential installations. Whatever your needs, there’s a perfect match for your project.


Gen 3 LED Emergency Drivers With UL And CEC Listed

The 3rd Gen EM is a statement to show our customers OKT's innovation spirit. Every year, we bring you exciting upgrades! WHAT UPGRADED? CEC certified, slimmer, more Powerful, more versatile, more economical, more compatible that unrivaled emergency solution for any up to 300W LED luminaire.

NEW Low Voltage, 8W and 25W, UL and CEC Listed, Max 300W LED luminaires With External Driver, Coming Soon

NEW High Voltage, 8W and 25W, UL and CEC Listed, Max 300W LED luminaires With 0-10V Dimming, Coming Soon

OKT LED emergency drivers have been handling any lighting outage since 2013. And now, they have been upgraded to Gen 3 in 2020. We vertically upgrade our product line to Gen2, and now Gen3. These emergency drivers can work with most LED luminaries up to 300W.We constantly review our existing product line and apply the most updated technologies to ensure product competitive advantage.


More Trim Options For J-box Downlights

It is a breakthrough addition to the downlight family. It takes the One engine’s exceptional flexibility, simplicity and performance and reimagines it in a square format that delivers perfect alignment every time.It is the perfect foundation for a fully interchange system of modules and trims that give your endless choice over how your lighting works and looks..

10" Round Trim, 4" Round Wall Wash Trim, 6" Round Wall Wash Trim,  4" Square Trim, 6" Square Trim,  4" Square Wall Wash Trim, 6" Square Wall Wash Trim,Coming Soon

40W Engine,Wattage Selectable(27W.34W,40W),CCT Adjustable(3000K,3500K,4000K), 120-347V ,0-10V Dimming, Coming Soon

It is built with an integral junction box that eliminates the need for a traditional recessed housing and mounts directly into ceiling in the new construction, saving job site cost. A low profile features make it easy to be installed in new construction projects.


Vertical Linear LED Luminaire

The LV series combines brilliant design and intuitive engineering to deliver unprecedented performance. It is a distinct statement in any workspace. It is integrated with ultra-thin semi-transparent vertical optics, enveloped in a signature sloping silhouette where the frame meets the optics,precisely controlled optimal direct indirect distributions at a split of light between the direct surfaces below and the ambient area horizontal the fixture.

4FT Vertical Linear Luminaire, 40W, CCT Adjustable(3000K,3500K,4000K), Diffuser, Coming Soon

We strive to challenge the highest visual comfort standard by offering multiple professional lenses, distribution and CCT options. Most of our customers have been struggling with inventory control, thanks to the CCT adjustable technology, you can now fulfill more orders with fewer SKUs!